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14 Tracks from Narrowboat Dreams album burnt onto disc for CD players plus a 4 page lyric and tracklist CD Book included. 



1. Narrowboat Dreams (Feat. Ortaka)
2. Sing me a Bird
3. Foxtrot (Feat. Ortaka)
4. Moon Party (Feat. Ortaka)
5. The Trees Give a Breeze
6. Far Away Friends (feat. Ortaka)
7. Fly the Dragon
8. Interlude
9. Lunacy Anthem (Feat. Ortaka)
10. Gone in Wonderland (Feat. Ortaka)
11. Where are all my friends at?
12. Rabbits
13. Encore
14. Little Quentin


Music album unconventionally produced by Nathan Vass Viney using Mixcraft 9 and a MIDI with guitar features from Richard Gosling of Ortaka


Cover photo by Jasmine Dyer

Narrowboat Dreams (Basic CD + Lyric book)