Peanuts book collection

(and DVD and also other things)

Let's start at the very beginning. Ever since I was younger I've been an avid fan of Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang. 
More specifically, an avid collector of the books. Even more specifically, the pocket sized books I can fit safely in a big or hidden on my shelf. 

I love the variety of colours, artwork and even damage each book may have. I love how they show snippets of the series since it's early strip days to it's later more polished look.  And of course they include the daily strips, with 4th panel punchlines that are either hilarious, make absolutely no sense or are connected subtly to a longer running storyline about the characters.

The characters being the strongest part of Peanuts. When a joke falls flat, a characters personality is still the core element on display. Never letting you feel like a strip has failed you. That's my opinion anyway.

So as part of my collecting, I search for variety and location. I'm always excited to go on a holiday and find a Peanuts book or two waiting for. I love the search.
Whether it be going to car boot sales or hunting through charity shops, the moment I find someones lost Charlie Brown book is the moment I've found treasure.
It is worth noting that I collect many other comics as well, including Hey BC, The Punishers, The entire Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, Asterix and a few more, but Peanuts is where the Gatherer in me comes out.

Without further ado, and forever in progress. (I'll be adding more info as I go)

Here is my collection.


Above are the Books and DVDs I've had since I was a child. Snoopy Stars as The Flying Ace was my first 

Snoopy book found in the Fremantle Coffee Strip Elizabeth's Secondhand Bookshop. It was right

at the back of the store and has a sort of shiny cover, unlike any of the others I've collected to this day. 

The door blue books on the sides were ordered in by my mum from the now gone,  Angus and Robertson Bookstore in Fremantle. I don't know how old I was at this time, possibly about 9-10. The same time I started creating my own characters. 

The DVD boxset on the top right is a gift from a family friend and holds some of my favourite animated stories like 'Snoopy's Reunion' and 'It's your first kiss, Charlie Brown'. It's an old Boxset but I think I've looked after the discs well enough.

The big book on the left, 'Peanuts Anniversary Treasury' was one I remember being so excited about. It was my first with coloured comics inside. 

I do have one memory about this one. I was fresh faced from the bookshop and proudly holding my book in school one day. Next thing I knew some kid knocked it out of my hand and the corner hit a puddle. Long story short I kicked that kid pretty hard and he never bothered me again.


Since I mentioned Elizabeth's Bookshop's here are three books I've collected from their stores. I'm not sure which location the two on the left are from but the one on the right I purchased from the Fremantle Warehouse. 

This was a relatively unfortunate find as it was around the same time the Schulz house burnt down during the terrible Santa Rosa fires in 2017. (In relation to the cover of Snoopy's house on fire.)

That aside, this is a very interesting read, one of the better 'Non Schulz' books I've come across. 


Back in 2014 I was really getting into the spin of things, searching down every Charity Shop I came across. As I was going through a fast decline in happiness I decided to leave the UK and fly back to

Perth, Australia. But NOT before I do a bit of travelling. I made sure I was only visiting places in the UK

that my friends were. This meant I could be with familiar people and explore a new environment at the

same time.

Well the image above is the beginning of that journey. The two books on the right I collected in some stores in Plymouth. They may have been a Charity Shop in the city centre, OR in a fantastic little bookshop called The Cupboard. The Cupboard is a tiny bookshop on the Barbican packed to the roof with books from years gone by. 

The book on the far right, 'You're a Knockout Charlie Brown', I discovered in Manchester! I'd pretty much just got off the train and was trying to find my way around. I'd only been there once before so was not quite sure what I was doing. But that excited me! That excitement lead me to a bookshop on the main strip. I'll always remember this adventure because it was me by myself and the shop gave me a free apple with my purchase. 

I've not found a book that looks like this one since that day (Graphic layout on cover).


This was a gift from my good friend Sam Ryall, who was living in Liverpool (Close to Manchester) at the time. I love this film but unfortunately have yet to actually watch the VHS version. I'm not sure if I will, I don't want to wreck it. I love the cover, and it's the only VHS I own. 


I believe I purchased this in the HMV in Southend-On-Sea (UK). I was so glad they'd released this 1960s edition in the UK. It has all of the films I was most eager to watch, including 'It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.' EVERYONE knows about this one in the US, they've grown up on. Not me! It's great, I love it. 


Finally I reached Reigate (UK) to stay with my very good friend, James Berridge. You'll hear more about him later! The Snoopy Astronaut was actually spotted by James in a charity shop in Reigate I believe. 

I'm not 100% sure but I think I discovered the Snoopy's Weekender book in Redhill (UK) during some Charity Shop hunts. I really like this book because the pictures are BIG and COLOURFUL. While that does sound like something a toddler might look for in a book, I stand by my joyous comment.

I also went to a Car Boot Sale around this time and collected two more pocket size books. Unfortunately I didn't record what titles they were so they'll appear at the end. 


Back in Plymouth (UK) now! The first image shows a DVD Boxset I found in CEX. I'm not a great fan of some of the episodes included but I was pretty happy to finally own, 'The Snoopy Musical' which I would later go on and see on stage in 2015.

The second image shows my finds at a Charity Shop opposite Lidl in Woolwell. I used to visit this store every day on the way home from work. I'd buy a CD or two but nothing special would turn up. Then one day, 'Snoopy Come Home' appeared. A film I had honestly NEVER heard of. I was surprised by the quality of the animation in it. It's a pretty good film, I'll watch it again soon. I showed it to James Berridge he said he didn't like it.

The third image shows the book I discovered at Plymouth's The Book Cupboard (Mentioned previously). This store was full of treasures. There were three levels, the first two were relatively organised but the third one was basically a mess of stacked up books falling out of shelves and laying around on the floor. Don't get me wrong though, I loved that! More of a hunt! On the second level there was a cool old comics section so I bought a few small books from there. But hidden somewhere under things on the third floor was this book, Peanuts Jubilee. To this day, I think it's my favourite.

It's a bit like the Calvin and Hobbes Anniversary book. A real celebration of the comic by THE ARTIST THEM SELF. There are so many Peanuts books out there written by other people analyzing and celebrating but this one is unique. 

If you are curious, below it in the image is the final Peanuts strip I collected when it was first published in an Australian Newspaper. I cut it out and have kept it ever since that day. I keep it inside the Jubilee Book.


Above is a collection of Peanuts Books I've been gifted since returning back to Australia. Two of which are in 'Peanuts Movie (2015)' Merchandise! As you can see from the small book, the film had a ridiculously long name in Australia! 'Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie.' Haha well it gets the point across. 

The technical side of The Peanuts Movie fascinated me greatly. Very rarely has CGI tried it's hardest to be so two dimensional. There have only been a few other examples like the children's program, Pocoyo, the traditional style animation in Hotel Transylvania, 2D styled backgrounds in Tekkonkinkreet and most recently the comic look of 'Spider-Man, Into the Spider-Verse.'

So I was fascinated as to how they would bring Schulz's drawn lines to the big screen. The book is a must have for those interested in that transformation.

All of these books were gifted to me by my family apart from 'Good Grief, The Story of Charles M Schulz' which was gifted to me by my other good friend, Marc Copes. I'd only recently met Marc but we were both working hard on our own creative projects and I'm so glad he thought of me.

The back of the book includes a 'Self Portrait' of Schulz which I adore. The book itself is good but the author's very opinionated nature kind of put me off. 

The 'Big Face' Book (Only What's Necessary), is absolutely exceptional. What I love about it is it shows full size comic panels and original sketches. It feels like a must for the collection.

The final books you see scattered around are actually reprints of some of the very first Peanuts books to be released . While they are great to have as an idea of first releases, they're just not old enough to spark my Gatherer's Fancy.


This bunch here was gifted to me in one big package, all the way from the UK. James Berridge came across a pretty fancy collection of books and the good friend that he is, he GRABBED HOLD.

I have to say, this was an awesome find. There is so much variety here. Without talking about all of them, I think my favourites are 'It Was a Dark and Stormy Night' which is actually written in a way that suggests Snoopy is the author (I love diving into universes like that). And the cook book! It's so silly but when you have an option to make official Charlie Brown Brownies, you just got to love it!

The 'Linus on Life' book is interesting as well, as it seems to be a very early form of a Peanuts Advice book which we see in stores all the time these days. 


Officially in Perth Australia now and feeling pretty lost. Eager to explore my environment and make some new friends. I was definitely feeling a bit down and the downpour of rain was making me feel homesick for England. I noticed someone was having a garage sale on Facebook, a mutual friend. With no clue where I was going or who I was meeting I set off with my bright orange Lidl Raincoat and explored a little bit of Perth I'd never ventured before. 

When I arrived at the house I was welcomed in by a nice chap called Ben. I don't think he picked the best day to be selling his stuff, with the rain and all. It's possible I may have been one of his only customers that day.

The book looked awesome! I loved the design and size, to this day I've not collected another 'Peanuts Parade' book so it remains pretty special. Collecting this book on this rainy day was one of my first steps into exploring Perth as an adult so I'll always remember it. I also grabbed two small car toys of Charlie Brown and Sally which are pretty cute and retro. Ben had a good selection of other stuff as well, I also bought some Non-Peanuts DVDs and a Book. Thanks old chap!


Living in Fremantle now and I was always on the lookout for more goodies. Never purposely hunting them down, just checking a kids book section every now and then in a few Charity Shops. These books

above are the result of that.

Various Charity Shops across Fremantle on lovely days out with friends or family. I believe the two Love ones I did find around Valentines and those 'Peanuts Guide to Love' and 'I Need All The Friends I Can Get' are some I'd categorize as 'Advice Books', similar to the Linus book previously mentioned. I didn't even notice 'I Need All the Friends I Can Get' WAS a Peanuts books! Charlie Brown is tiny on the cover! But my sister pointed it out and I was very happy. I love the back cover, it's like an electronically warped version of Charles M Schulz' face. It's odd.

 The Snoopy Snaps books are great, while they are not part of the 50s 60s runs, they are still keeping that pocket size charm. 


I got this one in a Lunch Bar near my current house in Hamilton Hill, Fremantle (Aus). I remember being upset about something, then seeing the DVD and thinking, 'How do I not own this yet?'. My purchase was a good way of cheering myself up. Unfortunately, this is one of my least favourite animated adaptations. For me, it's a bit long and I'm not keen on the music. 


Bill Campbell's Secondhand Bookshop in Fremantle (Aus). Not until I went through my collection did I realise how many books I'd actually collected from this store! I think they are relatively well priced and certainly have some good finds once in a while. Just as a side note, this is the store I used in the 'Tomothy and the Time Travel Shoes' Book trailer! It was very kind of them to allow me to shoot there. 

I like all of the books in this image! I'll tell you why!


The two Snoopy books on far left and right have brilliant covers and big paneled comics inside. The 3 small books are excellent because they fit into my small book collection, but also have a unique coloured print to them. (Most of my other small books are black and white) After looking into this a bit, I discovered most of the coloured editions of these are from the US, where as the black and whites printed in the UK.

The top left book, 'You're in Love, Charlie Brown' is a book based on an animated special. I was excited to read this as I really appreciate this animated special. It dives deep into the anxiety of a young boy with a crush so maturely, and I was hoping this book version would do the same. Well, since it was all based on well written comic strips anyway it turns out great! 

The book on the top right 'Charlie Brown's All Stars' is also based on a special. While I do like this special, it's not one of my favourites. That aside, Blimey this book looks beautiful! The cover is a elegant design with crayon style colouring in on the characters. It just naturally looks like a collectible. 


Relatively close to my house is my new place of work. I'm lucky enough at this point in time to be in the situation where I can actually walk to work in under half an hour. That aside, work can be tough to deal with. Emotionally, physically, everything. I've gone through some tough times emotional through working, with last year coming to a climax when my two workmates left the Business due to reasons that effect me also. Not only that, I am constantly creating stress for myself when I'm fighting time constraints to work on my own art projects. Sometimes I will put my art first in a fight against the world and end up tired at work. Then I regret it because, not only have I made a mistake at work but I'm having to go to bed super early instead of do more art. It's a hideous cycle that most people in this world have to deal with, especially if their mind is on other things.

Well, these above were found in a Charity Shop just down the street from my current workplace. At separate times and days. I was delighted to find the Peanuts Blu-Ray (Good find) before work commenced and the book during a lunch break. But isn't that book so special? It's so miserable and so worn out. It's probably the most worn out book I own, yet it completely suits it. Another thing I am constantly surprised with, is how I keep coming across unique books in the same collection. Very rarely do I find repeats, and even if I do they are alternative versions.


Before I move on to more books, it's he adorable? I got this from a Charity Shop I working at in Fremantle for some time. Once day he just popped up in a glass cabinet. While he is cute, he's weird. If he IS Peanuts merchandise, then why is his design so wrong? His nose should be higher, in between the eyes. But there is enough there to tell me, yes this is Peanuts Merchandise. I would go as far as to say maybe it is Linus. Whatever the case, it's cute and well made. 


AAGHH! The Internet! So above, are all of the books/DVDs i have ordered off of the internet. Of course, not everything has to have come from a special, dusty old shop in the corner of a small village. 

From left to right, 'Happiness is a Warm Blanket' and probably become one of my favourite, if not my favourite animated adaptation. The reason for this, is the pacing. It's handled in such a reflective way, looking back on we read comics and punchlines and how they made the originals. I could only get a US version so had to order it from over seas. Unfortunately, I can't play it on my DVD player.

The Emmys collection, another order from the US. I was impatiently waiting for it's UK release and decided, uh, why wait? While this one does have some duds, it does hold the very important episode,  'Why? Charlie Brown, Why?' which, well look it up, it speaks for itself. 

'The Art and Making of Peanuts Animation'!!! Wow!! What a book!!! I was reading this book in the Perth Cultural Centre Library while I was animating, 'Dr Who Goes Gangsta'. I had this, and a big ol' Disney book by my side and they ooozed inspiration to me! About 2 years later away from the Library but forever remembering the book, I ordered it online. I'm glad I did, very happy to own my own copy for reference.

The 4 books at the front were some recent orders using ' Facebook Marketplace' which I stumbled upon and went on a bit of a rampage. (Luckily that rampage only came back with 4 books). You'll notice the 4th book, 'Snoopy and The Flying Ace' is the same book I got when I was a kid. I decided that I wanted a less wrecked copy to accompany my original. These four came from a few different parts of Australia, though I can't recall where. As a side note, The Red Baron book is pretty fun.


Technically, this one is 'Facebook Marketplace' as well! But the difference is, my partner and I went and picked it up! I think these were the first books I collected 2019. My partner and I went for a forrest retreat out in Kalamunda (Aus). It was a lovely holiday, and coincidentally was near the only people in Perth selling any Peanuts merchandise. So, on the way home we stopped off at this property in Lesmurdie and collected it! Their house looked like a building site and the transaction was quick, but the book was exactly what the doctor ordered. I've never had a boxset of the small books before! Is this how they were all originally sold? I have no idea. It's a mystery lost in the past. I believe I've only seen one other like this hanging around. 


Believe it or not, all of the books in the above two images were found in the same shop, on the same day. My partner and I were again travelling, this time up north to a city called, Geraldton. I've been there a few times, Jasmine's family live there so It is destined to be a regular occurrence. The store itself was called 'The Book Tree', it's a wonderful store, I highly recommend. It's small, but packed with quality books and plenty of rarities. I knew I was in a bit of a rush when I arrived so straight up asked the lady if she had any comics. First off she shows me a large collection of very old magazines, there were a lot of The Phantom. Under them were these two magazines with Charlie Brown plastered over the fronts. They looked incredible!

I'd seen them briefly online before but never really caught on to what they were. Unfortunately, they were a bit out of my price range at the time.

So I went away with the other books. 'There's No One Like You, Snoopy', a really nice coloured print, 'You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown', a small book based on a special I don't really like haha... and the two Cyclopedia Books which apparently are very common! I had no idea.

While I really like these Cyclopedia books, with their covers and educational retro nature... I probably won't be collecting any more as they don't tell the stories I'm looking to read and they are quite large.

I did some research and discovered DELL Magazine comics were pretty rare. And they were so interesting, because while they do have Peanuts comic stories inside, hardly any of it was drawn by Schulz. Which is similar to the new releases these days. While I'm not much of a fan of the Peanuts Magazines post Schulz, these classics were very appealing! And the covers were awesome.

I asked the lady if I could get a discount and they was happy to! And at the last minute I found another Dell Magazine that, I think is even older (It certainly looks it) than the other two. Plus, it includes other classic strips, such as Nancy. What a piece of American History! I had to have it. So now I do, unfortunately I don't like touching them in case they fall apart. This is the first time I've felt like a collector.

Usually I've just gone based on how much things cost, and while that did play a part in my decision I certainly felt a bit more educated from purchasing these bits of history.


Talking of avoiding modern prints, here's an exception! I bought this in a Newsagents down in Rockingham (Aus). Usually I don't just go and buy any new Peanuts prints, that would be crazy! I mostly prefer the old worn ones that have stories to tell. But this one tickled my fancy for two reasons! It was a full colour printed book (And a good length), plus it had some of my favourite stories from the older books in it. Those two reasons combined and I had to put it on my shelf. I like that's it is new as well, it means it's okay if I drop it a few times.... I'll try not to though. I actually don't have that many books in full colour, at least nothing like this. So good find!


As we reach the end of this collection I must celebrate the many small books with an erased past. Yes, I own a lot of books I've uncovered from a variety of locations I cannot recall exactly. But I do know where they COULD have been found.

In Farnham, Surrey (UK) I came across a large collection of books in a Charity Shop. I was so excited, but so cautious of my money spending that I left the store with maybe... five or six. Really, I should have got more! At the end of the day, it would have been more to send to Australia. 

Another occasion in Surrey I went to a large Car Boot Sale with some friends and collected... I think at least a further two or three.

I also bought a few in The Book Cupboard on the Plymouth Barbican (UK), but cannot recall which. 

The rest I can only say random Charity Shops in the UK and Australia! Where will I find the next one? At my doorstep perhaps?


News started spreading the internet that the second last Blockbuster Video, the classic video rental store of the past was closing down. This second land Blockbuster was in my city! So, what better way to mourn and celebrate it than driving the distance and buying a bunch of rejected DVDS.

This Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show box set will have most likely been in this store since I was a kid (Well at least when DVDs started popping up anyway). I'm sure if it could speak, it would talk of many different children, excited to rent it out and watch on their televisions at home. 

Overall, The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show has some of my least favourite animated moments. This is only because, a lot of the episodes are 4 panel comics translated onto the screen with no context or comedy timing consideration. That's not to say that's all this box set holds! There is a lot of character and world expansion, musical treats, plus plenty I've not even watched yet. 

It's certainly fun to watch some of these due to the lower budget animation and sketchy look.


Today on the 10th of the 3rd 2019 I picked up a package that has been delivered to me by my good

friend, James Berridge. Who, luckily for me continues to carry out his mission of hunting down Peanuts books for my collection from across the world. 

Some pretty awesome highlights here, 'The Wonderful World of Peanuts' which I believe got it's cover design from an old Dell Comic (Not 100% sure about that). I love these older strips, so much detail.


 'Don't Give Up Charlie Brown' in wish the cover looks wonderfully lonely and optimistic at the same time... and 'You're A Brave Man, Charlie Brown!' Which has so much colour it delights me so! Unfortunately, it is the most damaged out of the bunch, and also the oldest. Apart from that though, this bunch are so pristine in quality. Obviously very well looked after books, and hopefully that same quality will remain with me for as long as I hold them dear. 

Interesting thing to note with this collection is I actually have 2 of these books already. 'There's no one like you, Snoopy' which I purchased in Geraldton (Aus) recently, and 'Your Choice, Snoopy.' Yet, these are not repeats. This new addition to the family, 'Your Choice, Snoopy' was printed in Canada and so has a coloured front cover, where as the UK version is black and white. This version of 'There's no one like you, Snoopy' is as actually the UK version, and is so black and white, where as my other is USA and full colour. 

So, while my Peanuts book collection is pretty substantial, there is will always be one I'm missing. Whether it be a USA release, original or colour edition, or completely new book I've yet to discover. 

So to all those reading this! Keep an eye out for me! I'm a keen gatherer and would love to hear from you if you find something I do not have yet (That is easily accessible to me).

Who knows where I'll find the next one!

As a final hurrah for this update, below is an assortment of Newspaper clippings from various days in June 1953. The newspaper being , "The Daily Sketch" 

This was an amazing discovery included in James Berridge's first package to Australia. What a cool treat to have. Again, like most things he has sent me, it remains in good condition. I'm not entirely sure how he came about them, perhaps I will ask him, or he will read this and tell me. 

I kind of assumed it was a collection of family newspapers he'd gone through. Either way, it is a real treasure and great opportunity (Like those original Dell comics) to look at the strips as they were when first published. (And especially ones so old/classic as these).

- Nathan Viney