Art by Nathan Vass Viney

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* Walpole Kids Comics is collaborating with the Walpole Community Resource Centre and Keep Australia Beautiful to make a 4 part guidebook for schools. (Read it here)

* Nathan Vass Viney ran another successful comic workshop in Walpole in 2022. (Read it here)

*14/09/2022 Two lucky kids won a copy of 'Walpole Kids: New Friends', a unique A5 print and stickers via the Walpole Weekly. (Read it here)

*21/08/2022 New comic book, 'Walpole Kids: New Friends' released at Perth Comic Arts Festival and now available in the shop. (Buy it here) Book will also be available in Walpole stores soon. Local comic making competition taking place in Walpole. 


*Interview with Walpole Kids cartoon characters for the strips two year birthday celebration. (Read it here)

*Interview with Manjimup-Bridgetown Times regarding 'Walpole Kids: Meet the Artists' Documentary. (Read it here)

* 'Walpole Kids: Meet the Artists' Full Documentary/Animation Hybrid released on Youtube. (See it here)

*Interview with Nathan in May 2022 issue of Aurora Magazine in Great Southern, Western Australia  (Read it here)

*Documentary/ Animation Hybrid, 'Walpole Kids: Meet the Artists' screened at the Walpole Community Hall with guest speakers and food supplied on 30/05/2022.

* New digital download music and CD, 'Narrowboat Dreams' released in the website shop and available for free on Spotify, Apple Music etc. 

'Narrowboat Dreams' music video and songs uploaded onto the 'Artificial Colours' YouTube channel. (See it here)

*Walpole Kids Comics announce a collaboration Documentary/Animation project with Regional Arts WA and Walpole Community Resource Centre on Facebook page


* New artwork/logo for Blooming Kids WA (See it here)

* Walpole Kids Comics Holiday Colouring Competition produced for Walpole Weekly. (See it here)

* Walpole Kids Comics feature ends in Great Southern Weekender as newspaper closes. 

* Nathan's Walpole Kids Comic Talk uploaded to YouTube. (See it here)

* Interview with Nathan in the 'Albany Advertiser' 14/10/2021 (Read it here)

 * Article, partial interview and review of Nathan's 'Walpole Kids- A local newspaper comic' speech at Perth Comic Arts Festival. (Read it here)


* Interview for the lead up to Perth Comic Arts Festival for the 'Great Southern Weekender'. (Read it here)

* New Walpole Kids characters interview for Comic's Birthday (Read it here)

* Nathan will be appearing at this years 'Perth Comic Arts Festival' 01/08/21 to present a talk on 'Walpole Kids Comics' at 11AM and hold a store until 4PM 

*'It was different for him' comic produced for upcoming 'West Coast Comics Anthology Book'. Find out more here

*Nathan's Comic-making Workshop successful in Walpole. Read about in the Walpole Weekly here 

*Radio Interview with Nathan Viney on ABC Great Southern at 7am 06/03/2021  (Listen here!

*New interview regarding book release in 'Great Southern Weekender' Newspaper. Read here

*Walpole Kids Comics Book and Stickers release in Walpole and Online (Please find at the Book Shop!)

*Walpole Kids Characters get exclusive interview in 'Walpole Weekly' Issue. (Read it here)

*New 'Artificial Colours' Track 'Wonderful Year' released on Spotify and Youtube