George Shambles originated as a peculiar old man living inside the Rockstar video game, 'GTA 5 (Roleplay Servers/ FiveM). FiveM is basically a place on the internet where real people can role-play situations with friends and strangers alike. You'll find anyone from Police Officers to Garbage Men. Well, I chose to play as an Old Man named George in a series of recorded episodes titled, 'George Bothers'.  A lot of my videos involved George (me), 'trolling' some of the more serious players in the kindest ways possible (and it's hilarious). Other videos have been songs and some have been in-depth role-play itself. At one point I was able to use a server to tell a bigger George story. I produced a 20 minute video mixing Machinima and Roleplay. A clip from this film ended up playing at a local Perth Film Festival and got quite a reaction.

George has also ventured into the world of 2D animation. A account was started for the old chap to read out whatever customers wanted him to say. The intention being that the mouth animation would be simple to do and the voices fun to record, with body animation something i could reuse or move around a bit. 
Unfortunately the Fiverr launch hit a brick wall and no interest came from it. George is still determined to make it big though, and won't let something like that hold him down.

The Fiverr was not a total loss though. George was discovered by a wonderful chap at called, Marc Copes. Marc offered a bit of cash in exchange for George's assistance in a Kickstarter campaign. A short animated George advert was produced and became relatively successful, with meeting their Kickstarter goal soon after. 

Due to time constraints and technical difficulties, the GTA videos ended in 2019, yet to return. But the character still appears once in a while in the new 'Walpole Kids' comics, and his voice can be heard in the initial marketing video for the 'Tomothy and the Time Travel Shoes' zine release. He has also appeared on a popular West Australian gardening radio show with a question about magpies eating his chook eggs. 

I've included my favourite George moments below. 
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